Thursday, October 15, 2009


on a previous blog I had stated my opinion about women referring to themselves as bad BITCHES, that bitch word
as it turns out I am really a bitch, a female dog

a dog is a four legged homo sapien that barks and attacks when need be..

(I do intend to walk over ALL you haters so these extra legs are a plus)

yes I am a BITCH a bad one too.

Beauty.Intellect.Taste.Charisma.Hustle. = Bitch

Beauty inside and outside. Bad Bitches don't get to be cute on the outside but have trashy or simply put fucked up attitudes. Intellect, are you studious? Are you aware of current events? Can you form a correct sentence? Are you articulate? Bad Bitches can back up their ideas with facts. Do you know what you are talking about? Taste is essential for Bad Bitches. No to trash bag fashion. No to bum boyfriends. Charisma and working the room is key for Bad Bitches. Can you close the deal? Can you persuade someone or a crowd? Does what you say matter because of how you say it? Hustle by any means necessary. Bad Bitches capitalize on ideas, they find new ways to work the situation. They Lead and people follow. Those are the essentials and know you need the information and guidance. Subscribe and Follow and Stay tuned. Bad Bitch 101 is in session.....

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