Sunday, May 24, 2009

break the rules.

I decided to make a rule book..the rule book to everything after it..You will see the rule..and explanation..and en example...

1. Blood will never be thicker than water.

Family is shady, friends are also..unless you're a twin,
came in this world alone..and ain't nobody doing no romeo and juliet
type shyt now-a-days..

2. When you have money, you have many friends..when you's like the sahara desert.

People only flock when it's beneficial for them..when they benefit from
your benefits, they make sure they are beneficial..but when your
benefits fall, which means their benefits are cut, you are no longer
beneficial to them.

You the d.boy, you got got niggas and get served
those papers..guilty on all charges..serving 80% of your
phone money on your letters...

3. C.R.E.A.M

Money is power

It's self-explanitory

4. Be friends first, relationship later.

Never rush in a relationship, be friends first..a week of talking to a person, does not make you ready for the title.

After a week of talking, you and him/her decide to make it
official..but another week later, you realize his/her habits are
something you can't deal with..ended relationship and no chance for a

5. Be a mother, be a father.

No matter your age or situation, raise your child to be better than
you. Calming your a man or woman, it's not just a word, it's a

3 kids, still trying to live the life of an adult with no responsibility, not going to work(female)

99.9% you are the become a man, take care of your responsibility, you had sex..your sperm reached her egg(male)

6. Education is key..get one.

Education from k-12 if free..go out and get matter what get some
kind of diploma..high school..g.e.d..get it..and if possible go to school..make a life for yourself.

You're filling out an application, and it ask your level of education
and all you can put on as your highest level completed is 10th grade..your chances of
getting that job as now slimed the phukk down...and to think you just
applied to McDonalds..

7. There are no such things as second chances.

No matter what..what is done..what is set in stone..those will forever be held against you.

You did something to someone or did something that was negative..they
may forgive you..but never will you have a second chance to whiteout
what was.

8. There is no way to "act" white or black.

In order to "act" a different have to stereotype their ways
and stereotyping one because of the color of their skin is completely

What is ghetto..what is white..

9. Never let a definite become an almost..

If you want it..get it..because an almost is a never

I had close to me..and now I'm singing Tamia..never almost had you..

10. Look at your niece, nephew, little brother, little sister, or some other little child..and that is our future.

Teach them..raise them to become the future..the future..doctors..lawyers..

I don't think anyone looked at Barack Obama and just knew he was going to be President..but they did raise him to be successful.

11. Different is the new normal.

Dare to be different..don't emulate anyone..

I wear sweatpants and t-shirts on dates...hey I'm not only comfortable..but different.

12. Swagger

Swagger is not picking an outfit that is displayed in a wetseal display window..but it's your confidence and individuality.

My swag is swagtastic..when I'm in the room you know I'm there..whether
I'm in flip-flops and an ambercrombie shirt..or in supras , kid robot
gear and a baseball cap(dont even matter what she wear, lol)

13. What you won't do..the next bytch/nigga will..

No need for definition.

No need for example.

14.You should never regret anything you do.

No matter how bad, that one experience made you grow..therefore, you
know never to make that choice again..meaning you are no longer

I did some phukked up shyt in my past..but I'd be a damn fool to make the same mistakes.

15. Anything you say..can and will be used against you.

Watch what you say..and who you say it to..because when it's a fire..your ass may get burned first.

You fall out with a bytch..your business and others..may get published in NY Times..

i.e. what about that bitch did the whole fam.

16. Stop trying to link music, television, and video games to crimes.

Just because you watch something about murders..does not cause anyone to go out and kill..

I watch porn, play Call of Duty, and listen to Rap..I'm neither a prostitute, a killer, nor a dope dealer..

17. If the glove doesn't fit..move up a size.

Don't change yourself just to fit in..don't become who they want you to be..strive to become who you ARE..

You hanging out with "thugs" and it doesn't fit you..don't become a
suppose to be thug..just be yourself..if they don't accept you..phukk

18. You have one life, live it.

Live your life..if you like jumping off buildings..don't let anyone hold
you back..if you like collecting right toe nails..go get all the right
toe nails you can find.

Don't let anyone hold you back..your life..your happiness.

19. Act your age.

If you are trying to grow braids and you're 30..stop now.Just give it are past grown..JUST GIVE IT UP..

No example needed.

20. Shop in stores that cater to your size.

Wet Seal, 5-7-9, Charlotte Russe, and all those other stores..only
cater to the little and slightly thick..if you wear a 18 and your
breast and stomach combined weigh my size..don't shop there..

High waisted shorts, pants, capris, really don't look right if you weigh 253 pounds..esp if it's all in your stomach..

but shid don't get it twisted don't lose weight just to appeal to people, eat yo vegetables extra cheese and broccoli, only a dog wants a bone

i.e:"i'm looking for a bad bitch, thick and kinda healthy"..."I be looking for something THICK and red"

21. Your friends girlfriend/boyfriend is off limits.

Just because she/he is back on the market..they used goods in your eyes.

No example needed..just sad.

22. Respect the dead.

No explanation, just read the example.

At this one particular funeral, weed was placed in the casket..a fight
broke out...and people just walked out as soon as the preacher started

23. The way you live..will be the way you die..

If you lived a good will have a peaceful death..If you lived
the life of killing, robbing, dealing..that will probably be the way
you die.

My homie was a killer..and he got shot in the back of the head at The some phukk niggas..

24. Love hard.

You don't want to end up losing that special someone because they felt like they were being neglected and not loved.

No example...sad face..

25. (For the men)..your shoes are important.

When a chic meets you..her eyes go in this, face..if your shoes are over.

See a go talk to her..she looks at your shoes and then says
she has a boyfriend or hesitates on her next set of failed
the test.

26. (For the females)..keep your hair done..

No matter what you have on..your hair tells the means..that
even when you rockin sweats and did take pride in your hair..

No example..

27. Every nigga/bytch phukkin the same bytch/nigga but at different times.

Says it all..

28. Don't be the 3a.m. chic.

If you only hear from a dude between the times of 12mid and 4a.m. leave him the phukk alone.

He answer..and the first thing he ask is where you at and
you answer at home..then he says I'll be there in just his
phukk toy..leave him alone..

29. Facebook and MySpace fued is stupid.

Why would you dedicate your entire status updates to a bytch/nigga that you don't in and day out..

"that's my man".."he knows where home is".."i'mma beat his ass"..all that shyt is pointPHUKKINless..

30. Ignorance is contagious.

People spread ignorance around like a heard something, not
knowing if it's true or not, just yapping to the next person..





32. He who is without sin..cast the first stone

Read John 8:1-11

33. The dope game is hard.

For these little boys who think they really selling dope when they have
to call someone just to get less than a not selling
just a bytch in the game.

Not even going to give you an example because that's just too much information.

34. Having money ain't everything is just a slogan that only broke bytches/niggas use..

Everyone nigga/bytch with cash..know that cash is everything..i.e. #3.

35. Tim Tebow suck..John Parker Wilson is the shyt..

sorry..just a random moment..

36. Just because you see someone in the club that does not mean you run and add them on myspace and facebook..

That kind of makes you a stalker and hella weird.

37. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

No explanation, nor example.(while i'm watching EVERY nigga watching me closely)

38. Just cause he's your baby daddy..DOES NOT MAKE HIM YOURS..

bytches need to get that correct and refer to rule just got knocked up.. example...LOL!!!

39. If you're over the age of 25 and still stay with your are officially a loser..

I gave it 25 because some are still in grad/medical school and by should have saved enough to get an
mething of your own...

I know someone like's okay babe...LOL..

40. There is no such thing as love at first sight.

For first sight can only mean love to the physical appearance..

No example.

41. Instead of cheating..just break up for a day..and apologize.

Cheating is uncalled for..if another bytch/nigga got something you
want..don't hurt the sig. fig..just have an intermission and when it's play. example..

42. Choose your friends wisely.

There's a difference between friends and associates..know the differences.

Refer to rule 15..

43. Collect haters.

They come with benefits..they keep your motivation high and ya name in the tabloids..they're your number one fan..

Ashley is in Georgia, but my name is a legend in Nashville, don't know
how I'm suppose to be doing all this stuff..but I guess I'm

44. Stand beside your man/woman whether they are right and wrong.

A relationship is commitment..


45. Understand the word REAL.

There are no stipulations to the way to get around it..if you
claim you're a real bytch/nigga..keep it 100 plus 5..don't slack..


46. Honor thy father and mother.

If you can't respect your can't respect what's yet to come.

47. If you have one parent..make them feel like they are your mother and your father.

You will never know what it feels like to be both parents all at love..

I give my ma something for mothers and fathers day every year and make sure that she knows i love her on the other 363 days.



49. Run by yourself.

Can't be no snitches..if you do it all on your own..
(i'm known to walk alone but im alone for a reason)

50. Don't hesitate on talking to a male/female..because a second later he/she can be someone else's sig. fig.(significant figure)

Show your interest..make your ground..don't just be a ghost in there brain..make sure he/she knows you're interested.

51. When you know he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend..don'
..t get mad later.

When you first met him/her and they told you they have a sig. fig and
you're kool with it..later on down the line don't get mad because
you're not the main comsumption of their time..

52. Sex does not mean that he/she likes you.

It's just sex..not marriage.

53. (females) If your dude is locked up, stay by his side.

Write those letters, send those pics, answer the phone, put money on
his books. He made you his chic for a reason, be that real bytch and
stick beside him and show him the love he needs.

I got $50 on my phone..send those letters and pics every chance I
get..just to let him know..I'm going to be here regardless the bad or

54. (males) If you enter a relationship with a female who has children.
You have not only entered a relationship with that female, but her kids
as well.

You get the girl..and you get the kids..not asking you to become
stepfather..but you have to know that her children just became apart of
your responsibility.

55. Always wear a condom.

Niggas dirty and bytches on some trif shyt.

Lil' Wayne said it best..."safe sex is great sex..better wear a
latex..cause you don't want that late text..that I think I got that
shyt or I'm late text"{Ace Brooks}

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