Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far far far away from here!!!

  • diploma,
  • 2 more references
  • high school transcript
  • 12 noon
  • friday
So I just spoke with an admission counselor from Job Corps, and those are the items(in red) that I need to bring for "the interview" scheduled this Friday at noon. ... Just my luck now I have to wait all weekend for things to go through I hate this part and lord please grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change!!!

Since there is no JoB CorPS here in Nashville(THANK GOD), I have the choice of going to Florida, Texas, or Georgia!!! Maybe I might be in ATL afterall!!! Here lately I been thinking about the east coast and the west coast...."Ain't Nothing Like A Brooklyn Girl" I heard lol shit I remember Tanisha from Bad Girls Club POP OFF SON!!! lol Brooklyn go hard!!! JAY Z said it best......NEW YORK the fashion capital of the world vs. It never rains in southern California...I love warm weather my sun kissed skin is soooo pretty bringing out the natural redness in my REDBONE complexion, I love my ethnicity I would NEVER want to be white and just to think my former ancestors probably wished they were WHITE!!! oh look how far we've come I loved BLACK TO THE FUTURE!!! I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INTERESTED IN JOB CORPS....

BECAUSE OF THE DORM STYLE LIVING AND THE FACT THAT IT IS FREE OF CHARGE. WITH ALL THESE BENEFITS ONE MUST THINK TO HIMSELF:WHAT IS THE CATCH? The catch is actually getting into the program I met the basic requirement:16-24 years of age, income requiremennt(unemployed), DRUG FREE-"Oh no!!!" I felt my heart skip a beat when I came across the word drug. The thing about me is I have the tendecy to be obsessive/compulsive which is why I find myself in certain situations, because I just don't know when to quit, I know that you're supposed to balance everything in your life, I guess that's the "lil bit" of libra in me....you see I'm a scorpio(yeah so naughty and mysterious)AND HAVE BEEN A CHRONIC WEED SMOKER SINCE I WAS 15 YEARS OLD, POUNDS I DONE SMOKED A FEW!!! It has only been a week since I have last smoked any cannibus sativa!!!

Honestly, I don't know why I feel like I have to have it sometimes. True, it makes me forget about all my mishaps and past relationships but at the same time it is also apart of my problem "anything that is not a part of the solution is apart of the problem"-guy from SOBER HOUSE. The whole time I am high I am constantly craving salty and sweet foods, this phase is called the munchies; it's accompanied by a paranoid feeling that I'm being watched by some evil force that is out to get me(which is true:the devil comes forth to kill, steal, and destroy), my brain cells are also being fryed and short loss memory loss is MORE possible....I can physically feel the destruction weed is doing to me, but I still COULD NOT STOP. It is becoming easier and easier everyday for me, I just try to keep busy (twitter, myspace, facebook and now my new best friend, YOU) don't GIVE UP ON ME, don't walk out on me like a lot of other people have I NEED YOU.

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