Thursday, January 7, 2010


it's been so cold lately
well college for me starts in a week kinda getting super excited
I'm so over winter and ready for this sun again already, but I posted that short story because lately I've been tripping forgetting that everyday is a new day, and the person that makes me angry indeed controls me!
I vowed not to make any resolutions instead to just work on the things now!!!!!!!
Everyday is a blessing and I'm just thankful to be alive and well surrounded by positive people and enerygy!
Life is too bitter to be sweet!
and Nicki Minaj told me that!
Just wanted to update everyone! Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy my thoughts creatively as I enjoy yours!
Thanks for the follow back and even the love on my comments!!
I was not expecting that.
Thank you.


  1. Wow, cold is not the word for what I'm feeling in NY. =(

  2. Nice update! It's freezing here! 12 degrees of madness! =/

  3. we're all about negative temps in Chi-Town...

    *new follower*

  4. it's raining cat and dog in cali and probably the coldest I've felt in a while! it's crazy this weather we are having smh good luck with your upcoming semester!