Monday, December 21, 2009

I love my barb!
haha call me what you want, I'll just call ya jealous.
I relate to Nicki so much because no matter what I will always do things my way!
Some call it stubborn I call it brave, I mean she doing her thing making this money and using hater's FREE PROMO you know that means=more dough
Who in the industry own all their rights.
Playtime been over.

and I love that dress, hahii Robin Thicke a cool cat too


  1. needless to say nicki is that bitch. i love me some her and i have mad love for her. i mean, who has time for haters?, but everyone should have time for money. only haters have time to hate and i feel bad for them cuz they can be making money like the rest of the baddest bitches (like me and u ) : )

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  4. I have to admit. I love her these dayz too.