Thursday, December 17, 2009

My first concert was Cashmoney/Ruffryders at the arena in Nashville, Tennessee.
I think I was maybe 9 years old...hahii Weezy was like 16.

I'm so proud of Mr. Dewayne Carter, I mean I really grew up listening to him... it seems like now that he's "mainstream" everybody is jumping on the bandwagon

There was a time when music from southern artists was frowned upon I remember Lloyd Banks(of all people...when is ya next album dropping or did you too "retire") stated that the "south needed to make some better music"

I was like dude turn on the television!!

We internationally known playa...

Gucci Mane #1 on the countdown..Do ya homework

"The south so dirty bitch you couldn't bathe it"


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  2. i like the interview, he is sweet lil Wayne