Friday, October 16, 2009

self eval.

every now and then I gain some insight and adapt it to my lifestyle.

As the big 2-0 is approaching me like a fat bitch after a cheeseburger...I wonder what I can improve about myself.

Former friends and family members tell me that I always look mean I really don't try to, I think it's the structure of the mouth seriously!! (Dad's genes) but then again it could be past experiences eating me alive, I think I need to let it go!

I know I can hold some MAJOR grudges baby! and I'm working on that as well time is healing it... I do have the tendency to brood "misery loves company" I'm teaching myself how to move on and quit hanging on to DEAD THINGS IT WEIGHS YOU DOWN! I NOW KNOW IT WAS A GIFT FROM GOD THAT MY IPOD WAS STOLEN. ALL THOSE SAD SONGS "REHAB", "IN THE RAIN" CAN WE SAY DEPRESSION EXPRESS!

I GUESS YOU CAN SAY IT DAWNED ON ME LIKE AN EPIPHANY: " i'M 19 years old, educated, beautiful and can overcome ANY obstacle... I'm not giving up.... can you hear me?!

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