Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gotta Aquafina Flow Call It WET WET

it's been a minute! Well I'll have you know I have been very busy and making PROGRESS! So I had my exit interview for Job Corps and I'm leaving Tuesday!!! That was fast as hell, I just knew it would be late April before I left, you know I'm kinda excited yet sad for some reason IDK I'm going to miss some people, but it's only for a year...It seems like long, but it's really not.....I'm nervous as shit about this drug test I'm going to kROGER first thing in the morning to cope that Sure Jell(perservatives) I'm praying that I pass this drug test if I don't I'll be placed on a 30 day probational period and be placed in Rehab and if I don't pass the 2nd one it's a wrap, but I don't even want to have to go through allat, I want to just pass and get this show on the road I been drinking water and I been in that fucking hot ass steam room and exercising like crazy I'm so exhausted but the benefits would be long term for this short term hassle so it balance out perfectly...I have turned down so much weed this weekend and it has been fairly easy, shit I gotta pee now I just drank 64 oz of water trying to get this thc out my damn system I hope it's just a urine piss test and not that damn hair shit because that traces your last 90 days if that's the case my ass is grass but I'm just keeping the faith and pissing accordingly! ciao.

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